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How Long Does A Puff Bar Last?

They’re disposable. They’re customizable. They’re stunningly innovative. When it comes to Puff Bars, most people know those criteria. In fact, those are the markers that have garnered Puff Bars such consistent excitement from our community: the simplicity of vaping with them, the seamlessness of integrating them into personal lifestyles, and the next-level quality that’s guaranteed.

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Real Vs. Fake: How To Tell The Difference

How can you tell if the Puff Bar is fake? Pull out your smartphone. Take a picture of the round label -- without needing to download an app to do it. Submit the picture online, and within seconds, you’ll get AI-driven verification of whether its unique signature has a match in the cloud.

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Are Puff Bars Banned?

That’s the question that’s been ringing out around us for the last year and change. And while we’ve answered individuals and gotten word out to localities as best as we can, now’s the time for our all-encompassing, far-reaching, definitive response. No, Puff Bars aren't banned. No, they're not illegal to buy. No, they're not discontinued — and no, they're not gone.

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