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How Long Does A Puff Bar Last?

How Long Does A Puff Bar Last?

They’re disposable. They’re customizable. They’re stunningly innovative.

When it comes to Puff Bars, most people know those criteria. In fact, those are the markers that have garnered Puff Bars such consistent excitement from our community: the simplicity of vaping with them, the seamlessness of integrating them into personal lifestyles, and the next-level quality that’s guaranteed.

Those markers are our calling cards. But even with their presence, it’s natural for customers to have questions. To want more illumination into the finer points of use, and to want more clarity into enjoying our products as effectively -- and easily -- as they can.

How Long Does A Puff Bar Last?

The beauty of what we do differently than every other vape offering out there is that the answer to that question isn’t oriented around our product. It’s oriented around you.

Depending on how you want to use your Puff Bar, the useability details change. Let’s look at that within the framework of a specific product. First up: the Puff Bar.

The first product our team created (and, of course, our namesake), the Puff Bar is our innovation’s origin story. Crafted to bring ease, efficacy, and futuristic vape technology to our community, its whole mission is to simplify your experience. And it does that through three stand-out qualities.

Quality #1: Puff Potential - Pre-filled with 1.8mL of Salt Nic, the Puff Bar delivers each and every one of you up to 400 smooth-as-can-be puffs. With the same amount of Salt Nic in every Puff Bar, that 400-puff potential stays consistent from Bar to Bar -- and only one thing can change it. Your vaping preferences.

If you like to take bigger, longer puffs, you’ll likely use up the Salt Nic filling before you hit your 400th pull. But if you keep things easy-breezy, enjoying shorter puffs as the norm, that upper cap can be yours to hit.

Quality #2: Puff Consistency - or the notion that however you puff, and whatever puff number you’re on, the taste, feeling, and experience will be the same. We’ve devoted our products to being as powerful at the end as they are at the start, and that power -- coupled with our quintessential smoothness -- is all thanks to the 5% salt nicotine we utilize. Effective on Day 1, effective on Day 20. That’s the benefit of Puff Bar consistency.

Quality #3: Puff Power - Built with its own pre-charged internal battery (of 350mAH), the Puff Bar is 100% self-sufficient. And that means you don’t have to do anything for it to operate optimally. (Well…except take a puff.) The second you take that puff, the Bar activates -- and stays activated -- so you never have to charge or refill it. There’s no set-up and there’s no hassle; with Puff Bar’s puff power, all you get is simplicity. Every time.

So now that we have a better grasp on the product makeup, let’s come back to the question at hand: how many days do Puff Bars last?

We know the answer will change based on your preferences, so let’s play out a couple of scenarios:

You’re a simple puffer. You like the shorter, quicker puffs, and you’re averaging about 40 puffs per day. At that rate, your Puff Bar will last you 10 days -- presuming you’re consistent with the way you vape.

You’re a deeper puffer. You take fuller, longer puffs, and you’re averaging about 40 puffs per day. At that rate, your Puff Bar will last you anywhere between 7 - 9 days, depending on how deeply you puff.

As you can see, the variance potential is great. And that goes right back to our ethos: personalization matters. Giving you the flexibility you need matters. Giving you the simplicity you deserve matters. But that variance doesn’t just begin and end with how you choose to puff -- it actually starts before you’ve even held the product in your hand.

It starts when you choose which Puff Bar to use.

Because while our signature Puff Bar brings you the power, innovation, and ease you love, our two other products -- the Puff Plus and Puff Flow -- bring you even more customization control. And that’s because they offer you more ‘juice’ for your buck.

With Puff Plus, you get 3.5 mL of pre-filled Salt Nic and an internal battery with 550mAh in power. With Puff Flow, you get 6.5 mL of pre-filled Salt Nic and an internal battery with 850mAh in power. The Puff Plus vape gives you up to 800 puffs; the Puff Flow vape delivers up to 1800.

Of course, with both of those options, your vaping behavior has a role to play: if you’re taking the same number of puffs each day, lighter, quicker puffs will take you to the tail-end of your puff number potential, while deeper, longer puffs will get you to the finish line quicker. But depending on which product you choose, that finish line could last you up to 45 days (on a 40 puff-per-day basis). Need less puffs? Only puffing on weekends? They’ll last you much, much longer.

You asked, how long do Puff Bars last? How many days do Puff Bars and Puff Plus Bars last? How can you make Puff Bars last longer?

And hopefully, now you know the answer.

It depends on you.

However you vape, our Puff Bars -- and Puff Plus, and Puff Flow -- are there to give you the most out of your experience. So explore your options. Experiment with your preferences. And find your most perfect -- most you -- vaping route.

With Puff Bar involved, we know it’ll be Satisfyingly Simple.

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